Posted by: Gwendolyn Huber | June 12, 2018

The Intuitive Writer

I believe that writing by its very nature is intuitive, and for that reason I hesitate to write about the intuitive writer, because aren’t we all intuitive writers?
In my early days as a writer I was only intuitive, with no ability to analyze, an unbalanced scales. And so I made the rather strange decision across all of my creative pursuits to close the door (at least partially) on my intuitiveness in hopes that I’d attain more of a balance.
It’s been some time now and, yes, the analytical part of my brain has gotten stronger, although I won’t say that the scales has fully balanced itself. That may never happen. But I am ready to throw wide the door to my intuition again.
Below you will find some of the ways to use Intuition as well as ways to court intuition.

When to use Intuition in your writing:
• Use it in choosing what to read next
• Use it in deciding which project to work on
• Use it to sense if something in your writing is off
• Use I to ask your intuition for guidance on directions to take in your novel
• Use it when you have received feedback from beta readers- while you should honor and strongly consider their input do not ignore your gut sense.

Create the right inner conditions for intuition:
• Suspend disbelief. Trust your decisions. Don’t second guess yourself.
Be kind to yourself. Do not scold yourself.

Create a conducive outer environment for intuition:
• Stare into space
• Take a walk out doors
• Write in a journal
• Plan what to write the before bedtime
• Keep alert for synchronicities – Watch for seemingly random events in your daily travels that relate to your writing.
• Read because you are both audience and architect, and you are both creator and the audience you are writing for.


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