Posted by: Kerry Gans | June 26, 2018

Summer Writing: Go with the flow

My daughter’s school is out for the summer today, which brings about the annual conundrum of how to write during the summer months.

Summer writing can be wonderful. If you are in education, summertime brings free time as the rigors of school disappear. Even if you have children, vacations can offer a change of scenery that shake up your Muse and gets the creative juices flowing. And if you have no kids and are not in education or other seasonal work, summer isn’t much different from the rest of the year!

My child takes my attention in the summer, which is not a bad thing. We get to hang out and get reacquainted after the hectic schedule of school. But that sure eats into the writing time. So we compromise. My daughter has day camp through most of July, which she loves, and which gives me time to do what I need to do.

August is a different beast. We like to take August slow and easy, have a true lazy summer month before September. It’s a summer month like I grew up with. Sleep in, have no real plans, go with the flow, and spend as much time alone with yourself as out with friends. I don’t expect to get much writing done in August. Any writing will be a bonus.

So writing this summer for me will be a roller coaster affair, with times I can hunker down, and times I need to ride it out. There will be plenty of joy and inspiration to carry me into September.

What’s your summer writing look like?

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