Posted by: Gwendolyn Huber | December 4, 2018

If I Have Time to Brush My Teeth, I Have Time to Write

This summer I met an artist who told me that for the last 10 years she’s painted every day. “I decided,” She said, “if I have time to brush my teeth, I have time to paint.”

That’s a great idea, and I’ve tried something like that before, and failed, partly because writing is not the only thing I try to do every day and partly because my life moves in waves. There are calm periods of time where I can keep to a schedule, interspersed with other times where I’m driven only by what has to be done. During those times it seems there’s room for nothing more.

Still it’s a wonderful idea to write every day, no matter how short of a time, and I’m trying it again. For this to work for me, I have to accept that I AM going to fall off the writing horse.  For this to work for me, I can’t kid myself that I will be a hundred percent successful every day for the next 10 years. As things stand now, there’s not a chance.

Here’s how I’ll stack the odds in my favor.

  1. By acknowledging that I won’t be a hundred percent, I remove the shame of failure. I know that painful feelings can derail me further, so I let that go.
  2. I will get back on the horse when I fall off, as soon as I can.
  3. I will plan, even though “pantsing” seems more natural.
  4. I will remember that this time I spend, no matter how short, is a sign that I’m committed to this project. Demonstrating my commitment seems to be key, even when I wonder if five minutes is enough time to accomplish anything.
  5. I will believe that even five minutes a day (most days) creates progress. There are articles out there that show others use similar short spurts of time and energy, and that itself supports this theory and gives me courage when I have doubts.



  1. “five minutes a day…creates progress” is now my mantra. Thank you!


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