Posted by: Matt Q. McGovern | January 9, 2019

New Year Goals

It’s a new year and the time where resolutions are made. While I’m not as interested in making any hard-core list chock full of ambitions, I’m a big fan of listing multiple goals with the intention of seeing how many stick.

Writing was a new years resolution for me once. I got into a writing workshop to fulfill it, and ended up doing more in the first month than I might have all year because of that choice. I don’t believe I would have made the choice of the workshop if I didn’t make that resolution first.

I have many goals that I can put on this list, but there is one that I’ll mention here since I think it’s one that touches all of us.

Book management, but first a digression:

On top of being a reader, I’m one of those people who creates my very own obstacles in life.

For example, I’ve wanted to bake my own bread, using my own flour (I have my own wheat that I can put in a grinder) and develop a recipe. It’s about the learning and the eating combined that makes me want to do this. However, I have a half-island in my kitchen I constructed years ago that needs work. I say half-island because I took the island in my last apartment that I built and cut it in half to move into my house. The current little island is the perfect height for me without leaning over and too high for the cats to want to jump up to and has a nice marble top…perfect for rolling dough, etc.

I need to do some work to it before I can truly fill the insides completely, and it was one of the many tasks I had after moving in. It happens to also be one of those tasks that I have left over and shamefully unfinished.

I know how to bake and can just get started on the bread but no. I have this…pre-requisite…defined for me that I’ll be happier if I finish the island first then I get to do baking. So here we are I haven’t done any baking and the island still isn’t finished.

I tend to do this a little too much, and it tends to affect other things around the house, like the library. My library is the guest bedroom in my house and currently resembles the back room of a very cluttered book store. This happens to not bother me at all. Somehow, I love any space that is cluttered with books. Old book stores with books in every discernable surface, libraries with books that are not put away in a stairway you stumble upon, or someone’s dusty home with piles of books challenging for floor space after overcrowding the shelves while you can’t find a place to sit….

I realize, of course, that this shouldn’t be the vision for my house to present to others, and honestly mine’s not that bad…I’m just saying it doesn’t bother me as much as the next because there’s a part of me that smiles inside when I see it. I can’t help it, I love the problem of having too many books in a house that’s too small for me. 🙂

I haven’t even gotten to the problem I was planning on talking about here, which is I’m too far behind my book reading because of my kindle, which of course has no problems with clutter. The problem is that I’m not getting to as many paper-printed books because I keep buying books on my kindle. Again, another problem to have which isn’t hurting me, though I must say I rather enjoy my cluttered library situation more.

A resolution for 2019: reorganize my home library so I can keep up with favorite authors and reduce my backlist of books to read.

I have to make internet jacks for that room…


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