Posted by: Kerry Gans | May 30, 2019

Top Picks Thursday! For Writers & Readers 05-30-2019

Welcome to the last Top Picks Thursday of May! As we slide into summer, come refresh yourself with writerly links.

Check out the winners of the 2019 Man Booker International Prize.

Christina DesMarais lists 4 reasons you should be reading books daily, according to science; and for those kids who can’t get to the library, librarians are bringing books to laundromats.

K.M. Weiland examines 4 challenges of writing for a modern audience.

Finally, Roz Morris unveils a manifesto for maverick creatives.


Writers want the readers to keep turning the pages. Janice Hardy has 5 ways to hook your readers, C.S. Lakin shares 4 ways to improve tension and pacing in your novel, and Braeden Phillips reminds us that making a lasting impact with a story isn’t exactly easy.

Improving our craft is always a goal for writers. Allegra Huston tells us the two basic rules of editing and the rookie mistake many writers make, Roger Johns advises to write tired and edit rested, and Joyce Sweeney provides a writing self-assessment to know where you shine and where you need to learn more.

We always want to improve productivity, too. Jessica Greene looks at the data, and finds that the true cost of multitasking isn’t productivity—it’s mental health.

Writing can be emotionally stressful. Harlan Coben gives us 5 writing tips to get us through, Nathan Bransford opens up about the scary part of writing, Ruth Harris explore rejections and 7 ways to make it hurt less, and Jami Gold urges us to stop and smell the sense of accomplishment.


Jennifer Laughran demystifies the deal reporting on Publisher’s Marketplace, Dan Rhodes explores the curious incident of the dog and the missing royalties, and Lee Foster discusses how you can sell your books in bite—byte—size chunks.

The US Copyright Office has been busy. They released a report called Authors, Attribution, and Integrity: Examining Moral Right in the United States (a PDF file), and within that report Jennifer E. Rothman discusses the idea that the Copyright Office might consider federal right to publicity legislation.

If you are querying, agent Janet Reid explains how to query a whodunit and reveals at what point awards become too old to mention in queries.

Marketing! Jami Gold talks Branding 101: defining our brand, and Bethany Cadman tells us why you need to treat your writing like a business.


Jane Friedman discusses the Indie Author Project, highlighting the best self-published books by state.

In the wake of a court case, Germany hands Israel thousands of a Kafka confidant’s papers.

Anjie Zheng examines the uncertain future of Sweden’s floating libraries.

And I thought I was bad about returning books on time… A Donegal library book was returned after more than 80 years.

That’s all for this week’s Top Picks Thursday! Join us next week for more literary links!

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