Posted by: Kerry Gans | December 26, 2019

The 12(ish) Links of Christmas 2019

I hope all of you are having a happy and enjoyable holiday season, no matter what holiday you celebrate! Every year, we look back at the most popular links from our Top Picks Thursday links round-ups. In case you missed them the first time around, here they are again!

15. 5 Essential Things You Need To Know About Writing Habits – Lynn Dickinson

14. Productivity Secrets: Bullet Journals And Planning – L. Penelope

13. Writing Tips: Writing Beyond the 5 Senses – Gila Green

12. How To Write A Page Turner: Mastering the & Rules Of The Cliffhanger – Ruth Harris

11. 12 Tips to Edit A Story Draft Into An Enjoyable Read – Zoe M. McCarthy

10. How To Write Like An Expert—Even When You’re Not – David Tile

9. 19 Ways To Write Better Dialogue – Kristen Kieffer

8. 20 Books TED Speakers Think Everyone Should Read This Summer – Jessica Stillman

7. The Flip Side – Kathleen McCleary

6. One Common Way Writers Weaken Their Descriptions – Janice Hardy

5. The Power Of The Telling Detail – James Scott Bell

4. Intellectual Property: The Big Picture For Authors – Ethan Ellenberg

3. Get Real: 4 Tips For Writing Bestselling Women’s Fiction – Brenda Copeland

2. Bringing The Dead To Life: Why Novelists Should Read Obituaries – Roz Morris

And our most popular link of 2019:

1. Summer 2019 Horoscopes For Writers – Jeanna Kadlec

Thank you all for continuing to read and support The Author Chronicles. Have a safe holiday season and a Happy New Year! We will see you again in 2020.


  1. Thank you, guys, for including my obits post yet again! I had such fun writing it – never dreamed it would strike such a chord. Merry new year Roz x


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