Posted by: J. Thomas Ross | December 24, 2020

Top Picks Thursday! Holiday Wishes for Writers & Readers 12-24-2020


The Author Chronicles, Top Picks Thursday, J. Thomas Ross, holiday, candles

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Warm season’s greetings from Top Picks Thursday! Whatever your beliefs, we hope you are enjoying the holiday season. Since today is Christmas Eve, we decided to take a break from our regular posting of writerly links to share our holiday wishes for you all.



This has been a difficult year, one we are happy to put behind us … and yet the challenges posed by the pandemic have inspired innovative thinking and experimenting with possibilities we wouldn’t have considered before. We wish you continuing creativity and the courage to keep trying new endeavors.


The Author Chronicles, Top Picks Thursday, J. Thomas Ross, horse-drawn wagon in snow

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We have traveled less and avoided gathering with groups of friends and family, but we have also become reacquainted with the joys of nature and solitude and have seen that a quiet, less hectic holiday celebration can be a refreshing change. We wish you inner peace and time outdoors to recharge and renew your energy.



A storm is moving in tonight, bringing high winds and rain but no snow for the holidays. Odd how we dream of a snowy Christmas year after year, though we rarely see one here. But holidays are a time for dreams … so we wish you many, marvelous dreams to stimulate your creativity.



We all — all over the world — have suffered from the pandemic in numerous ways. Some of us have caught the virus; some have lost loved ones to it; some have exhausted themselves fighting it; some have lost jobs and businesses; some have gone hungry. We send out our love to all who are suffering and wish you the strength to persevere. Minute by minute, hours by hour, day by day, we need to pull together and help one another and we will get through this.



And finally, we wish you a much brighter New Year and an irresistible urge to read, read, read and write, write, write!



Enjoy your holidays and join us next week for a look at our most popular posts from the past year.


The Author Chronicles, Top Picks Thursday, J. Thomas Ross, shiny Christmas balls on tree

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash


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