Posted by: Kerry Gans | December 31, 2020

The 12 Links of Christmas 12-31-2020

Every year we do an overview of the most popular links from our Top Picks Thursday roundups. So in case you missed these the first time around, here they are:

12. Wendy Walker discusses the importance of narrative structure and emotion in psychological thrillers.

11. Karen Babine explores the taxonomy of nonfiction and the pleasures of precision.

10. James Scott Bell suggests drawing your plot to stimulate creativity.

9. Stacy Juba streams about how to write your first novel and get published.

8. Hephzibah Anderson reveals surprising secrets of writers’ first book drafts.

7. Roz Morris tells us how to write a synopsis if we hate writing synopses.

6. Christine Hennebury shares 5 perfectly mundane ways to start a story.

5. Robert Lee Brewer has 9 lines of writing advice—with cats.

4. Tiffany Yeats Martin dissects 4 story weaknesses that lead to a sagging middle.

3. Kris Maze explains how to tell if you are writing YA.

2. Bill Ferris’ comedic look at top writing hacks to distract you from the nightmare of your daily life.

And our top link of 2020:

1. Alythia Brown explores 10 things that will sink your novel’s opening pages.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these links, and please browse any others that catch your fancy. Thank you all for your continuing support of the blog, and we will see you next year! Have a safe and happy New Years!


  1. Thrilled to see my post was on the shortlist – thanks for all the good links you find and for sharing mine!


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