We are a group of aspiring authors who met in NYT best-seller Jonathan Maberry’s Advanced Writing Workshop. We are all at different stages of the publishing process, and we hope that our readers can find valuable information no matter where they are in their journeys. As we discover more about the publishing world and our craft, we will share it with you. Join us on the journey!

Our contributing authors are:

Kerry Gans – author of middle grade novel The Witch Of Zal, short stories Dying Breath and To Light and Guard, and genealogy book The Warrens of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and  Their Ancestors. She is a chocoholic theater geek, believes libraries are magic, and considers Chincoteague Island her perfect writing retreat. When not writing, she haunts cemeteries and dusty archives in search of long-dead ancestors and pursues her most important work-in-progress, her daughter.

Nancy Keim Comley – YA and middle grade graphic novelist, mother, dog and cat wrangler, and beekeeper.

Gwendolyn Huber – fantasy post-apocalyptic Gothic murder mystery and YA novels.

J. Thomas Ross – poet, novelist, and short story writer; amateur photographer; retired teacher; mother and grandmother.

Matt Q. McGovern – Writer, Cellist, Reader, Software Developer, Paranormal Enthusiast.


  1. Great blog! I can’t wait to read more.


  2. I just saw a link from you over to my post, That Synopsis Thing http://jackiebuxton.blogspot.com so wanted to say thank you, I really appreciate that. And what a great idea for a website. I wish all five of you all the best with your writing careers and I’m about to have a look around, see what tips I can pick up. Thanks again!


    • Thanks for the good wishes, Jackie! We’re having fun with the site, and having 5 of us makes the workload manageable.


  3. I wanted to RT your blog today, but you don’t have a button to do that! May be a good way to get your names out there….


    • Thanks, Laura! That’s a good idea. We’re still learning how to do all these things. We’ll look into it.


  4. Abra
    | In reply to Top Picks Thursday 08-28-2014 | The Author Chronicles.

    Thanks for the shout out on my article “5 Steps for Courting the Muse” but I’m Abra (not Alisa) and I wrote the piece here on my website, The California Mom. (Check out my About section). LOL! It’s okay, I get it allll the time! Incidentally my name is from Steinbeck’s East of Eden!


    • Sorry about the mistake–old eyes read the script font as Alisa! A great name, and literary to boot. 🙂 You’re welcome for the shout out–we love finding new voices to highlight in our round ups.


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