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Top Picks Thursday! For Writers & Readers 05-27-2021

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Welcome to this week’s Top Picks Thursday! As the month of May draws to a close, we anticipate summer activities. Writers and other creatives can celebrate National Creativity Day on Sunday, and we all know Monday is Memorial Day, a time to remember all those who gave their all in serving our country.

Are you compiling your summer reading list? Jessica Barksdale Inclán explains why reading more Shakespeare is a good idea.

For readers: Chris M. Arnone reviews StoryGraphic: is it worth replacing Goodreads?

For writers: Arthur Klepchukov shares fiction writing contests worth your time in summer 2021.

What do you like to read? Stavros Halvatzis considers literature versus commercial writing.

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We writers are always looking for new writing tips. Jon Biddle mentions 7 ways to quickly increase your creativity, and Elizabeth S. Craig gives us 5 good habits for writers, while Samantha Silva gets writing help from an unconventional source.

For those interested in submitting stories, Meredith Allard offers 6 tips to create a good literary journal submission, and Rayne Hall takes a look at how to keep your short story short.

A writer confronts many difficulties in the process of writing. Rafe Posey catalogs how writing a novel is like decrypting a cipher, and Adam Rogers speculates on the gap between concept and language.

With tips for writers of memoirs, Allison Williams says a memoir needs the good times to explain and deepen the story, while Rachelle Gardner details what would make a memoir stand out to a publisher.

Are you writing a novel? Roz Morris goes through the 7 steps of a long-haul novel, and Nathan Bransford advises not starting a scene without four essential elements.

If you’re developing your characters, Janice Hardy helps us make sense out of character wants and needs, and K. M. Weiland gives us part 16 of her series archetypal character arcs: the flat archetype of the child.

We’ve all heard the advice “show, don’t tell,” but just how do you do that? Katharine Grubb explains how to “show” your protagonist is stressed, Tiffany Yates Martin advocates bringing your stories to life with nonverbals, and Bonnie Randall addresses emotions and the body: less cliché ways the body responds to emotional states.

Those characters need to talk to each other: Emily Henry offers 4 tips on writing dialogue, and Julie Glover adds 5 quick dialogue tips.

Barbara Linn Probst focuses on how your book ends: destination or discovery.

Many writers benefit from the help of beta readers. Zoe M. McCarthy shares questions to ask your beta readers to help them help you.

For those with manuscripts ready for editing and revision, Moriah Richard examines writing mistakes writers make: omitting sensory details, Michael Gallant discusses the multi-layer book edit, and Maryann Miller provides 10 self-editing tips. If you are looking for an editor, Val Breit lists 6 ways to find the right editor for your book.

Jessica Conoley elaborates on your final responsibility to your novel: creative stewardship.

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Are you ready to publish your book? Try Dana Isaacson’s publishing pop quiz.

For freelancers: Steve Zakrocki shares 5 things to include in every freelance contract, and Jedha Dening lays out 5 ways to design your online writing portfolio to dazzle clients.

Erica Jenks Henry considers the agony and the ecstasy of publishing your work in a literary magazine.

Jane Friedman takes a look at why it is so hard to figure out how much authors earn (and how much she earned).

Do you have an agent? Janet Reid answers the question: does decreasing communication from agent mean a writer should move on?

With marketing help, Penny Sansevieri outlines the 5 strategies for good Amazon book promotion in an infographic.

Sandra Beckwith points out 9 things you wish you knew before your first TV interview.

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Courtney Zoffness talks about the one characteristic that writers share on Otherppl podcast with Brad Listi.

On The Maris Review podcast with Maris Kreizman, Elizabeth McCracken discusses placing her characters in new settings.

Rebecca Solnit explains why it matters that George Orwell was a gardener on Paul Holdengräber’s The Quarantine Tapes podcast.

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Phoebe Wynne looks at how ancient tales became a rallying cry for modern women.

Nick Ripatrazone reflects on the renowned poet W. S. Merwin and the wilderness he loved.

Ashley Weaver writes about safecrackers in fact and fiction.

Literary Hub gives us this week in literary history, beginning with the fact that John Steinbeck’s dog ate the first draft of Of Mice and Men.

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Brown Thrasher.

That wraps up Top Picks Thursday. Hope you enjoyed this weeks links! Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

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  1. Thank you for including my Creative Stewardship article in your Top Picks. I really appreciate you sharing.


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