Posted by: Nancy Keim Comley | August 20, 2011

Saturday Special – 8/20/2011

1. In a personal favorite this week, Karen Miller discusses Terry Pratchett’s female characters

2.  Why second novels are so different from first novels, Kim Wright’s guest post on Wordplay blog

3.  Paul Dorset’s Pointers for self-publishers of ebooks

4.  Why developmental editing costs so much, from Kathryn Craft

5.  9 ways to get your novel to market, Donna Galanti’s guest post on Stacy Green’s blog

6.  Characters vs. caricatures, a post by Amy Sue Nathan on Backspacewriters blog

7.  How to check your book proof in 3 easy steps, by Joel Friedlander

8.  Things I never considered about being a writer, by Lisa Gail Green

9.  What does your author bio say about you?, by Jami Gold

10. Why I (we) love the 1st person POV, guest post by Lisa Gail Green on Adventures in Children’s Writing blog

11. Cliched contrivances, by P. W. Creighton

12. Balancing details, pointers on effective world-building from Joyce Alton

13. 10 secrets to writing a perfect synopsis (tongue in cheek), from Stacy Green

14. The next 10 ebook trends to watch for (interesting), a guest post by Jennifer Lynch

15. How-to: Crafting a Query for Fiction, from agent Kathleen Ortiz

16. Deadly sin of writing #4 – beware of the bog of backstory, by Kristen Lamb

17. A fun post about what it’s like living with a writer, by Nicole Humphrey Cook

18. 10 commandments for a happy writer, from Nathan Bransford

19. Evolution of a writer’s group, by David N. Walker

20. 8 reasons authors don’t complete their manuscripts, by B. Mac

21. Do you need an agent or a lawyer?, by Robin Sullivan

22. Engage readers through character reaction, by editor Beth Hill


  1. […] P.W. Creighton wrote Cliched Plot Contrivances.  I found the section on walking encyclopedias especially helpful.  Hat-tip: Nancy at Author Chronicles. […]


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