Posted by: Gwendolyn Huber | July 22, 2014


The backdrop to this week’s blog musings is thunder rumbling for a full thirty seconds, not just the usual boom and done.


What have I learned about writing this week? This month?


As I listened to a singer/songwriter acquaintance of mine croon his hit song for the umpteenth time since he wrote it, I finally “got it” that a creator has to fall in love with their own creation. Period. I haven’t allowed that to happen to me and I’m curious about what I will have to do to “fall in love” with my own writing. Is it all about making sure my work is perfect? That’s a little scary since I’m not absolutely sure what is perfect writing.



Recently, I’ve listened to an audio book, not a usual thing for me and interestingly enough, I’ve become hooked on a series that, if I were reading, I’d have started and abandoned after the first couple of chapters.


I admit I no longer give every book a fair chance. I choose books that captivate me immediately but read quickly enough that I spend some of the night sleeping instead of reading. I hate dragging a book out over days and weeks so much that I’ve often read until dawn and gone to work on just a couple of hours sleep. Now that I’ve reached the age where I need my sleep, if a story doesn’t grab me quickly, it doesn’t get read.


This audio book had a slow start, but a book that is read out loud is, by its nature, a slower experience for us fast readers. I’ve also realized I have a habit of skimming when I read, well, I can’t skim when I’m listening because there’s no such thing as hearing faster. At the speed of the audio book reader, I could focus on other things along with the story; the author’s use of description and language and the characters’ personalities. Listening, I observed imperfections that I may have skimmed over otherwise if I had been reading, but absolute perfection doesn’t really matter when a story grabs you.


My phone is shrilling an NOAA Flash Flood warning, a seemingly perfect end to these thoughts.


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