Posted by: Nancy Keim Comley | July 23, 2017


Last week, friends arrived for a long-awaited fourteen day visit. They arrived with two young children, bringing the number in the house up to three. It has been a busy time with trips to museums, parks, tubing on the Delaware, etc. They are active people and it has been very hot so whether we go out or stay home all three children spend hours swimming and by bed time are exhausted.

One of our friends, Anne-Marie, writes children’s short stories and every night reads that day’s story out loud to see how it flows before editing. On a normal night our son can take a half hour brushing his teeth and putting on his PJ’s, but when he hears; “Story in five minutes,” he scuttles off immediately and is ready and waiting within the required time (we do check and make sure he has actually brushed his teeth).

The stories are the nightly adventures of two friends, so while the setting is the same, the story is different. Our son became very fond of the two characters and would wonder during the day what he would hear that night. He found the newness of a freshly-written story exciting.

Our son is used to a nightly story time. Yet these new stories, full of fun and adventures, read by someone who is not a parent while he’s sitting with his friends, will be a time he remembers for the rest of his life.

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