Posted by: J. Thomas Ross | April 19, 2021

Remembering Gwen



With great sadness we say goodbye to our valued friend and blog colleague, Gwendolyn Doreen Huber, who passed from this life a few weeks ago after a long and courageous battle with cancer.

The five of us met in Jonathan Maberry’s Advanced Writing Workshop and, after much prodding by our mentor, established the Author Chronicles blog almost ten years ago.

We knew Gwen as a writer who pursued her writing wholeheartedly. In Kerry Gans’ words: “She had an artist’s soul through and through. You could see it in the posts she wrote. She was interested in the philosophy, the heart of writing, not just the craft. She was all about the art.”

Gwen also enjoyed a passion for music. After graduating from Westminster Choir College, she pursued a career in music and especially loved teaching kids. 

Gwen was a beautiful person and a true creative. She will be missed.


The Author Chronicles, Gwendolyn Huber



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  2. Gwen is one of the stalwart names of the writing blog world. So sorry to read this.


  3. Sorry for your loss. Bob

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  4. […] with them new and different responsibilities and demands on the time of all of the Chroniclers. The recent loss of fellow blogger Gwen Huber helped us make the decisions we all felt was […]


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